Netherlands, far behind other EU countries on renewable energy goals


The Netherlands is the furthest away from achieving its renewable energy goals of any European Un-ion country, Statistics Netherlands concluded in a comparative study between the Netherlands and other EU Member States. In 2017, only 6.6 percent of all energy generated in the Netherlands came from renewable sources, RTL Nieuws reports.

Only Luxembourg is more reliant on fossil fuels than the Netherlands, with 6.4 percent of its energy coming from renewable sources. But as the European Union gave Luxembourg lower goals on renew-able energy, the Netherlands is still the furthest behind. By next year 14 percent of the energy generated in the Netherlands should come from renewable sources like wind, sun, water or biomass, ac-cording to

Sweden is the European Leader on clean energy with 54 percent of its power being generated from renewable sources. Finland, Latvia, Denmark and Austria all generate more than 30 percent of their power from renewable sources.


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  1. Saracii olandezi,ar trebui sa-i ajutam cu niste specialisti,sa-si puna si ei la punct strategia energetica.Vorba lui Giani -o punem de o afacere.

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