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Natural gas prices will grow by 1% for households starting January 1st

28 November 2013

The ANRE president stated on Thursday that the rise of gas price for the domestic consumers forecast for January will not be of 2%, but of 1%. The non-domestic consumers will pay with maximum 2% more in January for gas. The president Nicolae Havrileț made a prognosis for the price of gas for 2014, emphasizing the fact that the rise for 2013 was lower than the one forecast at an initial stage.

“In 2014 I don’t see a higher rise than 10% for the domestic consumers, the percentage being taken from the liberalization calendar. In 2013 as a whole, we witnessed a rise of 9%, instead of  10%”, stated the president of ANRE in energy sector  cited by Mediafax.

The most recent rise stage of the gas price happened in October 1. The gas rose   in the autumn stage by1% for the population and by 2% for companies, less than established in the liberalisation calendar took on in relation to FMI (the International Monetary Fund) (2%, respectively 3%). Nicolae Havrilet attributed at that time the smaller price rise to the ANRE decision, to store up in deposits much more gas produced at an internal level.

The thermal energy shall be more expensive by 5% this winter

If ANRE announces us that the price of gas will not be a fatigue for the population at the start of the next year, the heat carrier will record a more consistent rise, of at most 5% at the national level, says the ANRE Vice-President, Emil Calotă. However, the inhabitants of Bucharest will have a slight advantage with the price for the thermal energy left unchanged for the winter 2014-2014.

ANRE shall start to monitor starting from next year, the high efficiency cogeneration plants in order to see how the bonuses of almost 300 million euro obtained through the cogeneration tax are used. The cogeneration tax is a financial support provided for the plants by the end-users through the inclusion of the tax in the invoice, and the money thus collected should be used for investments in efficiency.

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