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Mihnea Constantinescu Association, launched in the presence of the Israeli Ambassador

31 May 2019
General Interest

Mihnea Constantinescu Association was launched in the presence of Israel’s Ambassador to Romania, David Saranga and other officials.

The association has three founding members: Sandu Constantinescu, Mihnea Constantinescu’s brother, Cora Minodora Stăvrescu, Mihnea Constantinescu’s niece and Ion Sterian, Transgaz’s general manager. Ion Sterian was one of Mihnea Constantinescu’s closest collaborators and friends. Following the failure of Nabucco, the two have set up all the gas infrastructure on the Romanian territory, including the BRUA project, according to Agerpres.

The Association can be joined by other friends and collaborators of Mihnea Constantinescu with whom he has worked in various fields such as energy security, diplomacy, only with the agreement of the founding members.

David Saranga, Israel’s Ambassador, a very close friend of Mihnea Constantinescu, said that latter was “a diplomat who performed his mission professionally, honestly and decently” and expressed the hope that through this association his projects will be continued. “We will not forget the contributions brought by both Romania and the international community, including through the presidency of the International Alliance for the Holocaust Memorial. His efforts led IHRA to adopt the definition of antisemitism in May 2016, which was followed a year later by Romania’s adoption. Mihnea Constantinescu remains in our memory a true friend of the Jewish people. (…) Mihnea has been a mentor and an example for many generations of diplomacy. (…) He will remain one of the most respected ambassadors, an example of professionalism in diplomacy and an example of humanity and elegance. His projects will not only remain in memory, they are implemented every day. I hope that through the Mihnea Constantinescu Association we will continue Mihnea’s mission,” said David Saranga.

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