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Marinel Stănilă, Safetech Innovations: Cybersecurity is much more than IT

22 February 2021

“Operators of essential services must implement technical and organizational measures in areas such as governance, risk and compliance, service protection, monitoring and incident response through resilience. Once the rules issued, operators were given the necessary tool to achieve compliance with the law and the principles of the Directive”, explained Marinel Stănilă, Information Security Advisory Manager, Safetech Innovations, at the conference DigitALL 2021, organized by Energynomics.

Law 362/2018 establishes the legal and institutional framework and technical measures necessary to ensure the “common and high” security level of IT systems.

“While, in most cases, security was viewed from a more technical perspective, embedded in IT activities, the rules now introduce a more holistic vision, whereby technical standards represent only a fraction of all security rules. What has been lacking so far has been the governance framework and the implementation of processes for the safe use of these systems,” he said.

Process implementation is related to incident monitoring and response, security management and control, not just of IT assets, and to providing a resilient framework to respond appropriately in a crisis situation.

The safety risk assessment means drawing up a risk treatment strategy. The risk analysis will also result in compliance measures and a new security policy.

Marinel Stănilă also spoke about the importance of governance measures, but also of special measures such as the separation of networks or physical checks, or of measures to monitor and manage vulnerabilities.

In addition, the resilience side needs to be treated with due attention. “We can prepare through continuity and recovery plans in case of disaster, by regularly testing these plans, with procedures to scale incidents to crisis situations and manage them,” he added.

“We in Safetech are meeting all this important points in dealing with the requirements of the law. There are many solutions, such as SIEM, dealing with event logging and monitoring, or EDR, dealing with detection and incident response of information systems, on IT and OT (process) systems. We monitor all these solutions through our SOC – Security operation Center services. We have had an internationally accredited CERTs team since 2015 and we use all of these solutions to monitor and detect incidents to meet all the needs of our customers. More recently, we added the governance services, which come as an umbrella for all services and provide the procedural, information security management part,” he concluded.

DigitALL 2021 was organized by Energynomics, in partnership with reputed organizations such as AHK Romania, CIO CouncilBusinessMark with the support of our partners: ABB România, ACE – Industrial Software Solutions, Enevo Group, Safetech Innovations.

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