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Laurențiu Urluescu is the new president of AFEER

30 September 2021

The General Assembly of the Association of Energy Suppliers in Romania – AFEER elected a new president, as well as the members of the Steering Committee both for the trading and supply of electricity, as well as for the trading and supply of natural gas, the association announced.

Thus, the new president of AFEER is Mr. Laurențiu Urluescu. Ion Lungu has the quality of executive director of AFEER, starting with July 1, 2021. The end of the term of office of the President came as a result of the termination of the management contract (retirement age) of Mr. Lungu with CEZ Trade Romania SRL.

“We thank Mr. Ion Lungu for the activity dedicated to AFEER in the 15 years as President and we are glad that he agreed to continue with us. We also thank Ms. Francesca Sauka, Secretary General, who has been supporting us in the activity since the establishment of the Association,” said Mr. Laurențiu Urluescu, president of AFEER.

“As a result of the AFFER initiatives and actions, important problems in the energy and natural gas market have been solved and several topics of great interest for suppliers have been brought to the public attention. The new management of the Association is committed to continue the activity supported by AFEER for the development of a healthy energy market, a fair and balanced business environment and ensuring efficient consumer information,” said the new president of the Romanian Energy Suppliers Association.

The Steering Committee includes:

  • Mr. Laurentiu Urluescu (GEN-I) – president for trading / electricity supply activity
  • Ms. Dana Canea (OMV Petrom) – member;
  • Mr Tudor Cirstea (Freepoint Commodities Europe) – member;
  • Mr. Cristian Culea (Enel Energie Muntenia) – member;
  • Mr. Radu Luca (Engie Romania) – member for the activity of trading / natural gas supply;
  • Mrs. Melania Cozea (CEZ) – member;
  • Mrs. Denisa Voiculescu (Engie Romania) – member;
  • Mr. Alexandru Elena (E.ON Energie Romania) – member;
  • Mr. George Mihai (Tinmar Energy) – member.


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