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Italians from Tecnotel enter the Romanian market with smart city solutions

13 October 2021

Tencotel enters the smart city services market in Romania with four new street furniture products with photovoltaic panels, Maurizio Cucchiara, export manager of the company, told Tecnotel will soon open new showrooms in Bucharest, Brașov and Barcelona.

“Tecnotel targets large cities, such as Bucharest, Brașov or Timișoara. We already have the first contacts here and we want to develop other projects in the field of renewables. Tecnotel develops electromobility solutions, but also smart city solutions,” said Cucchiara.

“Tecnotel has developed projects that integrate with the environment. The functional street furniture includes four prototypes of benches with photovoltaic panels, which can also be connected to the lighting network. Benches have fast charging stations for classic phones but also wireless, wifi hotspot, surveillance cameras and integrated system with public lighting. Due to the presence on the Internet, various applications can be opened to integrate regional smart city projects. We also prepared a speaker system, so that the benches are people-friendly. In addition, the four models are completely modular, being able to be installed in any part of the city,” he added.

“We started this project in 2018, but then came the pandemic and delayed the opening of showrooms in Bucharest and Barcelona. We will continue, however, with these plans.”

Tecnotel presented its new solutions at international exhibitions in Madrid and Barcelona, but also at meetings with Romanian municipalities.

“The system can be integrated with public lighting, so that if there is no sun and the photovoltaic panels do not charge the battery, it can be charged from the lighting poles. Benches have video cameras, all systems being modular.”

The first prototypes of smart benches have already been installed in Alghero, in the region where Tecnotel’s headquarters are located, and other cities in Italy will follow.

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