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Executive of the year – 2020 Energynomics Awards nominations

1 December 2020
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We continue to present the 2020 nominations for the Energynomics Awards, with the Executive of the year category. Only one of the managers who entered the competition will be rewarded during the Gala from December 3th, but each of them deserve our respect and the widest promotion. We thank all the companies and personalities involved in this effort to draw the image of the Romanian energy industry in 2020 through its achievements!

Cosmin Ghiță – Nuclearelectrica

For the management strategy and the leadership shown in 2020, reflected in the company’s best position in terms of corporate governance, capital market, financial results, operation and production – while accelerating major investment processes against the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The acceptance of SNN in the FTSE Russell index took into account multi-level assessments, including corporate governance, financial results, liquidity in the capital market, transparency.

Franck Neel – FPPG

For the consolidation of the Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation – FPPG through joint projects with the main actors in the oil and gas industry (Romgaz, Transgaz) together with the new members who joined the Federation in 2020 (AMROMCO, Expert Petroleum).

Franck Neel is the president of the Oil and Gas Employers Federation and Member of OMV Petrom Directorate. Its proven management skills were the engine of good coordination and cohesion between the most important players in Romania’s oil and gas industry, in a time when unity is essential for this industry, faced with challenges such as the energy transition, the re-definition of the role of gas in the Romanian energy mix and the new regulations for the free market.

Sabin Posea – Eximprod

Sabin Posea coordinated the company’s activity and ensured its efficient management, keeping a profitable company in a business environment marked by an unprecedented situation: the Covid-19 pandemic. He was involved in the development of a “zero touch deployment” project to remotely deploy optimal IT/OT technologies for cyber security without going to the station. In 2020, Eximprod signed one of the biggest contracts in company history.

Sebastian Călugăr – CIS GAZ

For the management of the CIS GAS, a private Romanian company, which has contributed as a manufacturer to the sustainable development of the natural gas transport infrastructure in Romania, as well as to the development of the geostrategy of the European energy routes.

CIS GAZ registered a total turnover increase of almost 200%, to 190 million lei, from all the markets on which it operates. The performance was based on the completion and initiation of strategic infrastructure projects and the accelerated development of the gas supply division, in the context of the liberalization of the gas supply market. The company also reported a net profit of almost 8 million lei and a significant increase in the number of employees compared to the previous year, reaching over 130 employees today.

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