ENGIE Romania has purchased a photovoltaic park with a capacity of 9.3 MW


ENGIE Romania has completed the acquisition of a photovoltaic park, consisting of two farms, with a total installed capacity of 9.3 MW. The park is part of Ever Solar SA, a subsidiary owned by the German photovoltaic park developer, Soventix, and Alpin Solar, co-owner and developer.

The photovoltaic farms are located in the village of Cristuru Secuiesc in Harghita County. They were put into operation in 2015, producing so far about 55 GWh, the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of about 34,000 households.

“This acquisition marks a new stage in achieving the goal of becoming, by 2030, a major investor in the field of renewable energy in Romania and thus contributing to the group’s ambition to be the leader of the energy transition. Locally, our goal is to occupy a leading position in the segment of centralized renewable energy – given that wind and solar energy will have an increasing share in the future energy mix of the country – and to provide green energy to customers,” said Eric Stab, president and CEO of ENGIE Romania.

ENGIE Romania currently operates 110 MW of renewable energy in wind and photovoltaic capacities. Prior to this acquisition, ENGIE Romania was present in the field of renewable energy by operating two wind farms, with an installed capacity of about 100 MW, located in the counties of Brăila and Galați.


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