Bulgaria and Romania set to be EU solar hotspots


Industry body Solarpower Europe has predicted Bulgaria and Romania will emerge from the “rest of the EU” pack to each claim 3% of the region’s solar market in 2024, according to PV Magazine. Each of the nations, like Greece, will have gigawatt-plus solar additions in 2024, according to Solarpower Europe, enough to carve out a 3% slice of an anticipated 35 GW regional market.

France and Portugal are also expected to be winners by 2024, with the 5% of the market accounted for by France’s 900 MW of new solar this year set to double to 10% – 3.51 GW – in four years’ time. With Portugal’s 500 MW of new solar this year having more than doubled the 200 MW added in 2019, the Iberian nation claimed 3% of the European market and that figure is expected to more than double by 2024, when Portugal will add 2.46 GW for 7% of the pie. Italy is also expected to gain ground, with the 4% market share accounted for by its 800 MW this year set to climb to 6%, and 2.1 GW, in 2024.

The study reveals Europe recorded its second best year for solar in 2020 despite a Covid-ravaged 12 months, with member states adding 18.2 GW of new generation capacity, a rise of 11% on the 16.2 GW added last year. That is second growth only to the 21.4 GW added in 2011, said the trade body.


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