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Energy efficiency projects are needed

15 October 2020

Now is the high time to send us the energy efficiency projects you have prepared, urged Daniela Barbu, Director of the Energy Efficiency Directorate (DEE), within the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment (MEEMA). Keynote speaker at the online event “Digitization and Energy Efficiency – suppliers, solutions, benefits”, organized on October 6, by Energynomics, Daniela Barbu presented the latest information on the Electric-UP program and on the European funding mechanisms. In turn, the other guest speakers presented some of their completed projects outlining the current situation; they also answered the questions from over 170 people registered in the online platform MyConnector. The event was supported by Euroelectric, Signify and Phoenix Contact.

The Regulations might be approved by the end of the month

The Regulation for attestation of energy managers and auditors might be approved by the end of this month, said Daniela Barbu, Director of the Energy Efficiency Directorate (DEE).

“We depend on an Emergency Ordinance that is about enter the discussion of the next Government meeting, maybe even on Monday [October 12, e.n.]; it has all the approvals from all the other ministries. As soon as we have [adopted] this Emergency Ordinance, we will release the regulations that will be approved by order of the minister”, stated Daniela Barbu.

She also called on those interested to mobilize to carry out and submit in a timely manner investment projects that could be financed with European money.


In the case of the Modernization Fund an announcement was posted on the ministry’s website and a list of investment projects is expected from the market before October 16, said the DEE director. For the Innovation Fund, the call for projects is open until November 29, and the projects are submitted directly to the European Commission. “We also posted on the ministry’s website all the useful information in this regard,” added Daniela Barbu.

The trigeneration station developed by Continental has 90% efficiency

The trigeneration station developed by Continental together with Centrica has an efficiency of approximately 90%, said Petru Demian, Plant Facility manager, Continental Automotive Romania. The classic trigeneration system means using of gas for the production of electricity and heat – heating and cooling. The station provides 50% of the total electricity consumed by the factory and 100% of the thermal energy.”

“The generator can produce 1.5MW of electricity. We also produce thermal energy – 1.7MW – used for heating during the winter, and for the production of chilled water, during the summer, what we need for the consumption of the factory. The trigeneration system has an efficiency of about 90%, while the classical systems have an efficiency of 30-35%. We have also reduced CO2 emissions, and the system is fully automated, accessed remotely – I could say, autonomously. We use the electric generator all the time, in proportion of 98%, and the thermal energy is fully used within the company. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, we are also reducing the losses associated with electricity networks”, he said.


The payback period of such a system is approximately four years. The station also provides protection against power outages or grid voltage variations, thus avoiding defective products.

Roxana Șunică, Signify Romania: We can no longer talk about lighting without digitalization

Lighting is an important resource when it comes to energy efficiency, and in recent years we cannot talk about lighting without digitization anymore, said Roxana Șunică, Business Development Manager Public Sector, Signify Romania.

“The big change in the game took place in 2008, internationally, with the advent of LED lighting equipment. They have led to an increase of over 50% in energy efficiency compared to conventional lighting. State-of-the-art technology has reduced pollution. As you know, fluorescent lighting, although more efficient than conventional lighting, uses mercury and thus is polluting. Then followed the revolution of the lighting system, as a whole, with digitalization and internet making their presence felt”, said the Signify representative. “We have developed a system called ‘Trulifi’, which ensures a quality internet through lighting. They are very useful and interesting applications for the office area, for crowded spaces, such as a stadium, in a hotel, in a business center, where safe and quality internet is needed.”


Connected lighting further streamlines the centralized system, with optimized consumption depending on the period and instantaneous change in intensity in case of incidents. Thus, compared to conventional systems, an efficiency of up to 80% of energy consumption is achieved.

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) is the world leader in conventional and LED lighting, but also in the field of connected lighting, with activities in 70 countries and 32,000 employees.

Charging stations for electric vehicles – more than some black boxes

Euroelectric has launched two new charging stations for electric vehicles this year and will launch a third DC model in the spring of 2021, announced Marius Șurlea, CEO of Euroelectric. “We managed to reach our targets to a large extent, with a turnover of 3.6 million euros in 2019 and over 4 million euros in 2020,” he added.

Euroelectric was founded in 2003, a time when there was a lot of fear against trying anything something new. “We started with electrical installations in civil constructions and step by step we developed, we improved in this area. This allowed us, later, to access some financing programs, which brought us cutting-edge technologies for that time, for tests and verifications of electrical installations”, explained Marius Șurlea.

Subsequently, the company also specialized in the design, production, installation and commissioning of charging stations for electric vehicles. In the last 4 years, the company has invested about 1.5-2% of its turnover in the innovation and research-development segment, also strengthening its relationship with the university environment.


Euroelectric also plans to build a sharing platform for its own power stations. “All stations are actually tested using an electric car, over a few charging cycles, before being sent to the customer… They are not just black boxes,” he added.

Lepinzean, Phoenix Contact: Digitalization has completely changed industries

Digitization has completely changed industries, becoming a turning point in energy efficiency. In addition, the new objectives of the European Union will radically transform the way we produce and use energy, said Cătălin Lepinzean, Business Development Manager, Phoenix Contact.

Phoenix Contact is a partner dedicated to creative solutions in all related to automation, electrical engineering and connection technologies.

Phoenix Contact has adapted products for digitization in energy production and transportation, automotive and subassembly production, infrastructure, water transportation, the oil and gas process industry, industrial electronics, and many other processes, such as building automation and management.


“Digitalization is also a key word in achieving energy efficiency targets. In order to reach such objectives – in which we talk about cost reductions, resource savings, pollution reduction – we need to rely on the correct monitoring and interpretation of the parameters”, he said.

The conference “Digitization and Energy Efficiency – suppliers, solutions, benefits” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners Euroelectric, Signify and Phoenix Contact.

170 people have registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue, representatives of organizations such as 3M, ABB Asea Brown Boveri, ABMEE, ACE Industrial Software Solutions (AVEVA distributor), ACUE, Adrem Engineering, AEEPM – Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection, AFEER, Agricloud, Amber Technologies, Andel Ltd, ANRE, Apă Canal Sibiu, APIA – Asociatia Producatorilor si Importatorilor de Automobile, APIA Consult, ARC Electronic – Sonepar Romania, ATA, Autmobile Dacia, Azomures, BCR, BF Romania, Bosch Rexroth Sales, Business France, Celco SA, Celestrica Romania, Centrica Business Solutions, Chimcomplex, Ciech Soda Romania SA, Claritech SRL, Cluj Innovation Park, CMT Elec, CNR-CME, Colterm Timisoara, Compania Aquaserv, Tg. Mures, Compania de Apa Arad SA, Complexul Energetic Hunedoara – Electrocentrale Deva, Cooperativa de Energie, DaniSan Consult, East Solar Electric SRL, ECI Projects, EcooLogica Naturii SRL, EGGER Romania, Electrolux, Electromagnetica, Electrotehnica Consult SRL, Elsaco ESCO, Enel X, Energie Finanzierung und Kapital, Energo ESCO, Energy Serv, EnergyPal România SRL, Eneria Romania, ENGIE Building Solutions, ERA, ETA2U, Etex Building Performance, Euroelectric, Exe Green Holding, Eximprod Grup, Expert connection, Finacon, Finder Romania, FPPG, G.M.Cantacuzino, Garanti BBVA, Hach-Lange, Hager, Hidroelectrica, Holcim(Romania) SA, Hs Timber Productions, ICI Bucuresti, INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, InCrys, Institutul Național de Cercetare-Dezvoltare în Informatică – ICI București, ISPH Project Developement, Jolieville, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, LafargeHolcim, Liberty Steel Galati, Linde, Ludan, MEN Industry Group, Ministerul Economiei, Energiei și Mediului Afaceri, National Agency for Research and Development, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest, Netlinx Systems SRL, Nuclearelectrica, Obrist Eastern Europe, OMV Petrom, OT Strategy Consulting SRL, partnerg-i Energy Consultants, Phoenix Contact, Photomate, Photon Energy Romania, Preh Romania, Proiect RO Invest Capital, QEtics, RADET Constanta, Radio Romania, Renewables Consulting SRL, Repom, Ringhel Team, Safetech Innovations, SAMER, Antibiotice, SC ICPE SAERP SA, SC Pomarione Comp SRL, SC TIAB SA, Schaeffler, SDEE TS, Sectorul 1 al Municipiului Bucuresti, Servelect, Siemens SRL, Signify Romania, Smart Factor, SmartGrider Electric SRL, Solar Eco Systems, Solstar Energy Pro SRL, Somplast S.A. Năsăud, Sora Automatizari, Standard grup 4 term, Sunrise Trade, TECHNOSAM SRL, Termoficare Oradea SA, Tibimar Comimex srl, TomTom, Transelectrica, Transgaz, Transylvania Energy Cluster, Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, Universitatea Petrol Gaze Ploiesti, UPRUC CRE SA Făgăraș, US Embassy to Romania, Bucharest, Vestra Insustry, Zazi Nordic Business, Zentiva, Zoppas Industries Romania.

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