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Energonuclear signed with Candu Energy the first contract for the nuclear Units 3&4 in Cernavodă

25 November 2021

Nuclearelectrica announces the advancement of CANDU Units 3&4 Project, Within the Preparatory Stage, Energonuclear S.A., the project company, signed the first contract with Candu Energy, a member of the SNC-Lavalin group and the Design Authority of Units 3&4 and OEM of CANDU technology. Candu Energy will offer engineering services for the elaboration and updating of some documentations necessary to restart the CANDU Units 3&4 Project, among which updating the licensing basis documents, updating the Safety Design Guides, updating the list of safety related design changes etc.

“We are proud to sign the first contract which moves further the development of CANDU Units 3&4 Project in Cernavoda”, said Cosmin Ghiță, CEO Nuclearelectrica. “The contribution of nuclear energy in total energy production, at national level: 36%, the contribution of nuclear energy in total energy production without CO2 emissions, at national level: 66%, development of the internal supply chain, other collateral industries”, Cosmin Ghiță added.

The strategy for continuing the CANDU Units Project of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant is being implemented in three stages. The preparatory stage started with the capitalization and operationalization of the project company, Energonuclear S.A., and will have a duration of 24 months in which technical, legal, financial assistance and engineering services will be contracted, as well as the conducting necessary studies and evaluations.

In August 2021, Romania signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Canada to strengthen and further develop the cooperation in nuclear energy civil projects, following a 55-year relationship between Canada and Romania in nuclear projects. “Nuclear energy is an essential tool on our way to a net zero economy. We are looking forward to pursuing this fruitful cooperation with new joint nuclear projects, while we also strive to reach our climate change goals together”, said H.E. Annick Goulet, Canada’s Ambassador to Romania.

The CANDU Units Project is included in Romania’s Energy Strategy, 2019-2030 with the perspective of 2050, as well as in the National Integrated Plan in the field of Energy and Climate Change, as a pillar of Romania’s energy independence and reaching its decarbonization targets as a State EU Member.

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