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Electrica Furnizare – turnkey construction project of a 0.2 MW solar power plant

19 January 2023

Electrica Furnizare is carrying out a turnkey construction project of a 0.2 MW photovoltaic power plant for Fermador in Iași, a company with 100% Romanian capital, one of the local leaders of the poultry industry.

The turnkey photovoltaic solution will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by over 53 tons per year.

According to a press release from Electrica Furnizare, the company continues to strengthen its position in the energy services and solutions market in 2023 by starting a new partnership with Fermador, a company with 100% Romanian capital that owns poultry farms, a combined feed factory, a slaughterhouse and a state-of-the-art incubation station, as well as a network of 21 stores.

“Electrica Furnizare continues the expansion of partnerships in the market of energy solutions and services for the sustainable development of all industries in Romania, being concerned with supporting the transition to energy focused on renewable sources that involve low carbon emissions. The development of the partnership with Fermador also in the area of energy solutions, through the initiation of a turnkey project that also involves obtaining prosumer certified quality, represents the collaboration model that Electrica Furnizare promotes in relation to business partners: supply of electricity, natural gas and energy solutions,” said Iulian Matei, the director of the Department Clients – Key, Electrica Furnizare.

The installation of the 384 photovoltaic modules of 540 Wp will be carried out on the roof of the Fermador farm in Henci, the total installed power being 0.2 MW.

“At Fermador, we take care of the quality of the chicken, starting with the production of hatching eggs, the production of day-old chicks in the hatchery, continuing with the breeding farms, through the production of feed and through a slaughterhouse with the latest technology, fast and safe transport and an extensive network of stores. For over two decades, we have been making sure that the family meal of our customers is more than a nice moment with their loved ones. The transition to green energy, care for the environment and, not in lastly, increasing energy efficiency is a constant concern of our company. Thus, we continue these investments by implementing a turnkey photovoltaic project, together with Electrica Furnizare, being satisfied with the collaboration we have had over time with our partner,” said Cătălin Mihalache, general manager, Fermador.

Electrica Furnizare offers consultancy at a national level and proposes customized solutions for all customer segments and industry types. The company has successfully implemented numerous projects that involve the delivery of turnkey photovoltaic solutions for the production of green energy to end customers, with or without energy input into the SEN, depending on the requirements of business partners. Electrica Furnizare is thus aligned with the strategy of the Electrica Group aimed at contributing to the sustainable development of businesses, in the context of the European Green Deal.

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