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Dorin Chisăliță: Enel X Romania contributes to the transition to sustainable mobility and energy efficiency

18 April 2022
Bogdan Tudorache

Enel X Romania provides energy efficiency solutions and wants to help public institutions and citizens to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility and efficient electricity consumption, said Dorin Chisăliță, Head of eCity Romania, Enel X Romania, at the conference „Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Brașov 2022”, organized by Energynomics.

“Our product catalog includes several energy efficiency solutions. The first segment is street lighting. Through our products, we address parks, green spaces, sports lighting, indoor and outdoor, and, to the same extent, the lighting of public roads and highways. The lighting products are diverse, the advantage of Enel X being that it produces the street lighting equipment that it uses. Another advantage is that the factory is located in Romania, which helps us a lot in our projects. We can also deliver demonstration solutions. Specifically, the institution, the mayor’s office for example, can choose the deliverables and characteristics, after which we make a technical project and the measurements. The lighting can be done either with standard lamps or with remote control lamps”, he said.

Remote management can make consumption more efficient than just switching to LED technology. “The remote control system can be integrated with motion sensors, so that we have adaptive lighting relative to the road, without shadows. We can also provide remote management and adaptive lighting solutions with cameras so that the light is turned on successively when there is traffic”, he added, presenting some case studies in this regard.

The product categories of Enel X are suitable for any console, and the simple modernization with LED, even without remote management, already reduces energy consumption by 40-50%.

In the segment of ​​digital services, Enel X is present with its own YoUrban application, which includes several solutions, including remote management. “We can incorporate 95% of the solutions on the market. We can integrate here smart traffic lights, pollution sensors, weather, video cameras and other smart city solutions.”


Enel X’s second line of business in Romania is that of efficient smart buildings and photovoltaic panels, where the company also offers turnkey solutions. At the same time, the street furniture segment provided by Enel X can include an electric charging station, and various information and payment solutions can be accessed. At the same time, Enel X has a broad portfolio of online managed ecosystems for urban mobility, including its own electric car and bus charging stations, supported by contracts with the world’s leading electric bus suppliers.

The conference „Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Brașov 2022” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners ABB România, Enel X, ENGIE România, Flash Lighting Services, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, Valmont.

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