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Digitalization and energy efficiency will drive change after the crisis (video conference, May 5)

11 May 2020

On May 5, Energynomics organized a new online conference dedicated to digitalization and energy efficiency in the industry, in an event that was supported by AHK Romania through its greentech Econet Romania platform. 5 business representatives participated, with presentations on digitalization and energy efficiency solutions: Bosch Rexroth, MET Romania Energy, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, Photon Energy and Elgeka Ferfelis Romania. The conference was broadcast live online and was watched by over 900 people.

German companies are interested in new partnerships in Romania

AHK Romania organized numerous events dedicated to energy companies, including a delegation dedicated to Energy Efficiency in Industry, in June 2019, recalled Mihaela Dinu-Capdeviolle, consultant, AHK Romania. “We had 8 German companies that came to Romania to understand the market and to look for business partners. We were glad to see increased interest. We traveled across the country and we accompanied them in meetings with business partners and authorities from several cities in Romania. We noticed that digitalization and energy efficiency are two areas of interest for German companies”, she said.

Romania is still a country with energy intensity higher than the European average, and the demand for solutions regarding the efficiency and digitalization of production in industry remains at a high level.


“Germany is a strong supporter of the Industry 4.0 strategy, several companies already offer solutions in the field, providing state-of-the-art technology in Romania. Among them is Bosch Rexroth, also present today, an old member of the Chamber and a long-term partner of our GreenTech econet Romania platform”.

Șarlea, Bosch Rexroth: Digitalization and energy efficiency will drive the wave of change after the crisis

Digitalization and energy efficiency are two areas of great interest for Bosch Rexroth, said Sergiu Șarlea, Technical Director, Bosch Rexroth. “It’s all about acceptance and change within the companies. We have gone through many changes and we have developed the business step by step, since 1795, from a family business, we have gone through various industrial revolutions. We support Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, or the industry of things, through our vision and the vision of all our 45 colleagues and 25 technicians who help industrial customers in Romania, through digitalization.”


Sergiu Șarlea then spoke in detail about the factory of the future, about the possibility of easier small batches production, with very high flexibility, “which offers us much more efficient set-up times, with new manufacturing technologies on the lines assembly and increased energy efficiency”.

Bădiță, Photon Energy: Energy efficiency reduces consumption

Efficient energy supply is extremely important, said Lauru Bădiță, Country Manager Romania, Photon Energy. “It is very important to prepare each project individually, from design, to implementation and identification of the most suitable solution, for the clients from the industrial or commercial area. The technology we have in mind supports the longevity and quality of the project, but also the investment part, the costs and operationalization. We analyze each project separately, depending on the location. We work with technology partners from the first tier and we have implementation, operation and maintenance services.”


Photon Energy is a company founded in 2008, with over 120 employees and operations in over 10 countries. “The main operating headquarters are in Prague, from where we operate mainly in Central and Eastern Europe; in Romania we offer maintenance services, but we will soon move on to the development of our own portfolio”, he added.

“During this period, problematic in terms of social distancing, we cover the monitoring of photovoltaic farms based on a platform where we have all the equipment connected, and the data is transmitted in real time to the platform,” added Lauru Bădiță, presenting the company’s solutions.

Cornigeanu, MET Romania: We anticipate more openness to digital technology

Despite the negative impact generated by the pandemic, the energy field and other fields will enjoy the long-term benefits of digitalization, believes Bogdan Cornigeanu, COO MET Romania Energy.


“The digital revolution will grow even more, covering new areas and sectors, some of which have so far been reserved towards new digital technologies. There are three types of consumers of digital technology. The first – the reluctant, it is getting thinner and thinner. Another category – interested, but passive when the adoption of new technologies, and the third, the pro-active, in line with the development of new technologies. This segmentation applies to both the individual and the company level. Within the same company we will find individuals who are part of the category of receptive ones, but we could also find individuals reluctant to develop automation”, he explained.

“I am convinced that for both the authorities and for the public institutions, this period of more openness to digital world and the acceptance of digital media will be an important step forward,” he added.

The efficiency of cogeneration systems is essential in the new economy

When we talk about cogeneration, any energy efficiency project involves monitoring all energy consumption and energy carriers, said Cristian Athanasovici, Business Development Manager, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe.

“After monitoring energy consumption, energy auditors enter the scene, analyzing and proposing plans of measures for energy efficiency. These are measures to reduce losses, first of all, measures to capitalize on or to recover any types of energy that can be recovered, to change the technologies of energy use by implementing some with low consumption”, he detailed.


In 2018, Kawasaki opened a regional office of representation in Romania. “We are involved in the production of energy equipment, gas turbines and internal combustion engines and we have solutions to cover a very wide range from the perspective of energy produced – from 1.7 MWe to 100 MWe”, said Athanasovici, presenting the company’s solutions. At the same time, Kawasaki can intermediate financing from banks and specialized institutions in Japan or other geographies.

Elgeka Ferfelis did not interrupt its activity during the crisis

Elgeka Ferfelis has contributed to the continuity of the energy businesses, providing the necessary lubricants for the companies to operate without interruption, during the crisis, said Adrian Luca, head of the Shell Lubricants division in Romania, Elgeka Ferfelis. “As Shell’s representative in Romania, we integrate ourselves into the digitalization process with technological support in everything that means reducing costs in the industrial field.”


Shell has been the number one global supplier for 12 years, with high-performance lubricants developed in partnership with equipment manufacturers in the energy sector. “Shell’s research and development laboratory in the field of lubricants has managed to obtain over 3,000 approvals and recommendations from equipment manufacturers, as well as over 150 European patents for inventions and lubricants,” said Adrian Luca. In Romania, Shell distributes lubricants through Elgeka Ferfelis Romania, through two divisions: Industry and Automotive.

Shell Mysella VIDEO      Shell Omala S5 Wind VIDEO       Shell Diala S4 ZX-I VIDEO

The conference „Digitalization for industry in the social distancing era” was organized by Energynomics and AHK România with the support of our partners: MET România Energy, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, Photon Energy.

Over 250 people from organizations like ACE Industrial Software Solutions, AHK România, ANRE, Arctic, Arctos InnovationCTOS INNOVATION, ASE Bucuresti, Asociația Română a Băncilor, Autoliv, Balcorom Group, Bester Energy, Bosch Rexroth, BRCC, British American Tobacco, BSBC – Black Sea Business Council, Business France, Caditec SRL, Carticorp, CCIR, Celco, CIB Energ, Cluj Innovation Park, Cluster TREC, Colegiul Național Economic Andrei Bârseanu Brașov, Dawn It, Dunlop Mills, Ecovis Ciurtin & Associates, EDPR România, Electra Norte, Elgeka Ferfelis Romania, ELI-NP, Enel Romania, Energo ESCO, EnergoBit, Energom, Energy Coach SRL, Finacon Romania, Gasoland SRL, Globema, Horeca HUB, Hoya Lens Romania, ICI Bucuresti, ICSI Rm Valcea, INCDTIM Cluj Napoca, Indeco Grup, InvestRomania, Karro Plast, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, KFactory, Living Data, Loteria Romana, Magura, Matrix Business Consulting SRL, MET Romania Energy, Nuclearelectrica, Primăria Municipiului Sibiu, Qetics, RADET Constanta, RBO Tech Integrator, Renomia SRBA Insurance Broker, Rulexim, Safetech Innovations, Schneider Electric, Servelect, Smart Factor,, Technical University of Moldova, Department of Energy, TIAB, TomTom, TPA Romania, Universitatea Petrol Gaze Ploiesti, Valmet, Vectis TET, Vestconsult RL, Vestra Industry, Visteon Project, Yokogawa have registered in the MyConnector platform for having the possibility to address questions to the speakers.

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