Delgaz Grid recommends to the owners’ associations to get involved in the maintenance process of the installations


Delgaz Grid recommends that homeowners’ associations get involved in the process of maintaining common gas installations, given that, in most cases, they are located on the stairs in apartment buildings, according to a statement from company.

According to the quoted source, the responsibility for checking, overhauling and repairing the common installations rests with all the owners who live in a building. At the same time, the verification of the common installations is done once every two years, and the revision once every ten years only by ANRE authorized companies.

“Periodic inspection of natural gas installations inside the home is an extremely important operation and must be performed only with specialized companies, because only in this way can we prevent serious incidents, which can result in casualties and material damage. In addition, those who live in blocks of flats do not have to neglect the common natural gas installations in the staircases,” it is also said in the release.

The common use installation is that part of the installation that serves several end customers, between the pressure regulating station (pressure regulator) and all the meters located on it and is the common property of the end customers served.

“We often find that common natural gas installations are left to chance, representing a real source of danger to communities in the event of natural gas leaks. We recommend that homeowners’ associations get involved and ensure that they are checked and repaired. These common installations are always in collaboration with ANRE authorized companies. It is a legal and mandatory safety measure that belongs to all those who live in a building. Beyond these aspects, we are talking about preventive measures that protect buildings against gas accumulations that can lead to serious incidents,” said Petre Stoian, deputy general manager of Delgaz Grid.


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