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FSLI Petrol Energie trade unionists picketed one of the GSP group’s HQs on Thursday

30 November 2020
Exploration & production

Members of the Federation of Free and Independent Petroleum Energy Trade Unions (FSLI) picketed one of the headquarters of the GSP group of companies on Thursday, according to Agerpres.

The participants in the picketing requested the observance of the rights from the Collective Labor Agreement (CCM) from the date of the transfer from OMV, demanding the observance of the law and the immediate resolution of all dysfunctions.

According to a statement from FSLI Petrom Energie, issued on Thursday evening, the protest continues the numerous activities undertaken by the Federation’s representatives, such as notifying the employer, trying to resolve the situation amicably in a joint meeting proposed by the union, formulating several addresses to the Territorial Labor Inspectorate Constanţa or sending a memorandum to the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection.

“Although OMV Petrom was aware of the problems of employees transferred to GSP Offshore, street protests were needed, press releases and an open letter were sent for OMV Petrom management to notify the GSP Offshore contractor about respecting employees’ rights. A little late, we say, but better later than ever! The action today (Thursday) is the first street protest in the program of public demonstrations that will take place in several locations that will be announced in advance. The entire protest program is adapted to the legal regulations and recommendations generated by the context created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the protection and safety of the participants being a priority,” the statement specified.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, Grup Servicii Petroliere rejected the accusations of the FSLI Petrol Energie representatives, which it described as “denigrating” and stated that most of them will be brought to justice.

“GSP strongly rejects the denigratory accusations in the open letter (of FSLI Petrol Energie), meant to misinform and lie the public opinion, in a gross way. Most of these enormities are subject to the attention of justice, an approach in which we intend to prove, without a doubt, including the bad faith of our detractors,” mentioned the GSP representatives, replying to Agerpres.

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