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Dan Dragoș Drăgan, the new chairman of Romgaz’s Board of Directors

20 March 2021

Bogdan Tudorache

Romgaz shareholders have decided to appoint Dan Dragoș Drăgan as chairman of the company’s Board of Directors, according to an announcement presented to the Stock Exchange.

”ROMGAZ S.A. informs shareholders and investors that, following the adoption of the Decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders no. 1/11.03.2021, by which the provisional members of the Board of Directors of S.N.G.N. ROMGAZ S.A., the Board of Directors, that have met in the meeting of March 17, 2021, decided to elect Mr. Dan Dragoș Drăgan to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.” the company report shows.

At the same meeting, the composition of the Board’s advisory committees was established, which includes Sorici Gheorghe Silvian, Jude Marius Aristotel, Simescu Nicolae Bogdan, Stan Olteanu Manuela Petronela, Balazs Botond and Niculescu George.

Unfortunately, all mandates are provisional.

The company ended 2020 with a turnover of 4.07 billion lei, down 19%, given a 10% decrease in quantities of natural gas sold, but posted a 15% increase in profit.

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