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Corina Popescu is the new vice president of the Energy Industry Union – Eurelectric

23 May 2021

Eurelectric’s Board of Directors has elected the new presidential team, which will be led by Jean-Bernard Lévy, EDF’s general manager as chairman, and two vice-presidents: Corina Popescu, Electrica’s general manager, and Leonhard Birnbaum, E.ON’s general manager, according to a statement sent by Eurelectric.

The three will work for decisive measures to put low-carbon and renewable electricity at the heart of the European Green Deal, to induce a sustainable and cost-effective energy transition among EU Member States.

Thus, the European Green Deal will be promoted as a social, industrial and strategic opportunity for all Europeans, the emphasis will be on a low-carbon electricity lifestyle, solving discriminatory taxation of energy that affects electricity, and on supporting the establishment of a consolidated carbon price, according to Agerpres.

The new leadership will also ensure that the full range of low-carbon technologies will contribute to cost-effective decarbonisation, and highlight the resilience and flexibility of electricity as a key asset for the European Green Deal.

The Union of Energy Industry – Eurelectric, based in Brussels, is the European Commission’s main partner on energy issues, consulted in making Community decisions in this area. Eurelectric represents the interests of the pan-European electricity industry. The association includes 3,500 companies in Europe, with a total turnover of over 200 billion euros, and covers all major issues affecting this sector, from electricity production and energy markets, to distribution networks, customers, and and environmental and sustainable development and sustainability issues.

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