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Constantin Ichimoaei, ABB: Romania must make safe and sustainable investments

23 March 2021
Bogdan Tudorache

As we increasingly tend toward shorter charging times and higher charging power for electric vehicles, there is a growing need to connect equipment to the medium voltage grid, said Constantin Ichimoaei, Executive Manager at ABB Romania, at the conference “E-vehicles – The fast deployment“, organized by Energynomics.

”The increasing number of electric vehicles will demand this. As a study revealed, by 2040, there will be more than half a billion electric cars worldwide. The batteries will be bigger and offer a greater range,” Ichimoaei says.

“Romania is part of the global growth trend. I do not think we need to be first, but to advance by small steps, make safe, sustainable and smart investments for the future,” he said.


“Technological advance and power demand will stimulate the modernization of the electricity grids. I am referring not only to physical networks but also to digital modernization”.

DC charging can typically be done on low-voltage networks, but bus charging needs up to 350-450 kW and the connection is made at transformation stations. Medium-voltage distribution networks have down transformers, medium-voltage cells, low-voltage cabinets, buried cables to which the chargers connect. Thus, mainly the medium voltage distribution networks, not only the transport networks, are most loaded. They can be upgraded to allow higher power capacities to be connected or, in the case of smart management, batteries for storage to be added for support.

“ABB has expertise in solutions for e-vehicles charging networks – from charging stations, low-voltage switchboards, to transformation stations and medium-voltage connection. Also, I would like to mention the connectivity and diagnostics solutions, as well as the remote monitoring of power networks. The solutions are scalable, they can start from lower power and then rise to 2.000 – 2.500 kVA per transformer, with the integration of batteries for storage and photovoltaic sources,” he said.

“At the same time, let’s note that the new trend of the future will be vehicle-to-grid. In Hamburg, ABB built a depot for electric buses in which 44 150kW chargers, a battery storage system were integrated, and the connection was made on medium voltage “, added Ichimoaei.

Last year, ABB delivered to the public transport operator from Suceava 30 50kW high power charging stations and 13 150 kW stations, which were installed in the local depot. “It is a solution that we are proud of and that we want to replicate in Romania”, Ichimoaei added, presenting the range of ABB chargers in AC and DC, which can be suitable for both small vehicles and fleets.

The conference “E-vehicles – The fast deployment” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners ABB Romania, Automobile Bavaria, LAPP Romania.

More than 180 people registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue.

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