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Competition examines the procedures for approving and connecting renewable capacities

3 May 2022

Competition Council has launched a comprehensive analysis to identify possible barriers to market entry for renewable energy producers, the institution said.

In order to operate renewable electricity generation capacities, companies must meet several conditions and hold all authorizations and approvals required by the incident legislation, documents issued by several public authorities, which can turn the authorization into a complex and difficult process.

“In the next period, new investments in renewable energy production capacities will be financed, both through the National Recovery and Resilience Program, as well as through other national and community investment programs. In this context, the optimization of national authorization and approval procedures, in order to reduce the implementation times of projects for wind farms and photovoltaic panel fields becomes a priority, being very important to differentiate between strictly necessary regulations, with a key role in ensuring the quality of services, and those that are not strictly necessary, even potentially harmful to the development of the market,”said Bogdan Chirițoiu, president of the Competition Council.

In conducting the study, the Competition Council will interact with the parties involved in the approval and connection process, such as the National Energy Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Energy, Transelectrica, electricity distribution operators, central and local public authorities involved in the process, but also investors and their associations.

At the end of the analysis, the Competition Council issues recommendations regarding the efficiency of the process of approval and connection to the energy system of new capacities for the production of electricity from renewable sources or may resort to other instruments conferred on the authority by competition law.


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