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Competition authorizes the takeover of Hidroconstrucția by Electromontaj

20 November 2022
General Interest

The Competition Council authorized the transaction by which Electromontaj SA took over Hidroconstrucția SA and the companies controlled by it, the institution announced.

Electromontaj SA, part of the H4L Group, is a company specialized in the construction and maintenance of transmission lines together with electrical connection and transformation stations for the supply of electricity. The H4L Group carries out activities in various fields, including real estate development, rentals, logging, production and sale of electricity and natural gas.

Hidroconstrucția has as its main field of activity the execution of hydropower and hydrotechnical construction works on the surface and underground, in addition to specific hydropower works, executing civil and industrial works, roads and bridges, building works, land improvement works, quarrying and ballasting , machinery repairs, metal and prefabricated reinforced concrete constructions.

“Following the analysis, the Competition Council found that this operation does not raise significant obstacles to effective competition on the Romanian market or on a substantial part of it and that there are no serious doubts regarding its compatibility with a normal competitive environment,” said Competition Council’s officials.

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