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CEZ Group in Romania supports the Clean Green initiative for a safe start of the school year

19 August 2020

More than 2,700 students and teachers from Dolj County will enter the new school year in conditions of hygiene and protection against coronavirus, thanks to the partnership between CEZ Group in Romania and the Association “Youth for European Society” for equipping 30 schools with dispensers and solutions for hand disinfection.

The initiative to ensure proper hygiene conditions in schools in Dolj County was proposed by a CEZ employee, continuing the mission of the internal project, Good Generators, to come to the aid of the communities in which the company operates. In the current context, the 2020 edition of the project was born from the desire to shed light on a new direction of support, by looking for solutions that respond to the crisis caused by COVID-19.

”Thus, within the Clean Green project, we are with the green generation of the future, ensuring a learning environment in which students can remain healthy and protected.”

Between August 17 and 28, disinfection and hygiene materials will reach 30 schools in Rojiște, Predești, Mischii, Braloștița, Argetoaia, Coțofenii din Dos, Almăj, Teasc, Izvoare, Malu Mare and Bucovăț, with the help of volunteers of Youth for European Society Association. As hygiene measures are essential for maintaining good health, the project is an important step in welcoming students safely when they return to school.

“During this challenging period for all of us, the YES team continues to make a positive impact on society. We do not give up the fight against Covid-19, this time addressing the school environment. According to the yellow and green scenarios, the children will go to classes, physically, starting with September 14th. Together with our partner, CEZ Romania, we set out to protect the health of children and teachers, reducing the risk of infection among them. As we all already know, among the basic measures to avoid infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is hand hygiene,” said Claudiu Bădescu, President of the Youth for European Society Association.

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