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C. Prună: Black Sea gas gains must be fair to both the state and investors

25 February 2021
Exploration & production

The gains from the exploitation of Black Sea gas must be fair, both for the Romanian state and for investors, said Cristina Prună, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies and Vice President of the Commission for Industries and Services, Chamber of Deputies.

“I expect that in the debates of the offshore law there will be a presence of the Ministry of Finance so that we can also understand from price evolutions what the gains from these gas exploitations would mean for the Romanian state. It is also important what we do with this money, so that they do not go to some funds, as has happened in the past. I believe that the impact must be measured very well in the economy, and the resulting projects – whether we refer to investment projects in the economy of the future or other types of projects – the impact must be real in the economy in terms of jobs and development of new industries. I think this is the approach we need to have,” said Cristina Prună, according to

“This project can help us revive the economy, even if it has been delayed for a long time. I think that there are opportunities so that the economy of Romania and the Romanians can benefit from this project,” she also said.

In her opinion, this bill that will reach the Parliament should first of all reflect the realities of 2021: “The 2018 project was a big mess because it was discussed twice in the Parliament, and at the end, a bill was issued that prevented these operations from starting. This needs to be addressed and I think everyone should be at the same table. The result must be one that allows these operations to start. I will advocate for this consultation process to be extremely applied and as wide, open, honest as possible, so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

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