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ARBIO proposes a limited bioenergy support scheme

26 February 2016

Romanian Association for Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) supports the implementation of support schemes for up to 300 MW for these two renewable energy sources, based on “first come, first served” principle, show representatives of ARBIO, who also claim to have identified a funding solution without bringing additional pressure on the final consumer.

Thus, biomass and biogas sector would not enter in the aggressive race for income which Romania saw regarding to wind and photovoltaic sources, say representatives of this association. Once a total of 300 MW will become operational, ARBIO suggests that stakeholders evaluate the results and decide whether to support the continued expansion of support for bioenergy projects.

ARBIO members submitted two proposals for designing the support scheme. One of them involves the construction of a specific law of the field, and the second involves changes and additions to Law No. 220/2008.

At the same time, ARBIO announces that is has showed the authorities impact studies, feasibility studies, data about the volume of degraded lands (which can be used for planting energy crops without creating problems of the food chain) and the volume of municipal waste.

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