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ANPC fined Lukoil 55,000 lei and ordered the temporary shutdown of the Ciolpani station

20 November 2023
General Interest

Commissioners from Consumer Protection imposed fines of 55,000 lei on the economic operator Lukoil for deviations from the legislation in force and ordered the temporary stoppage of the provision of services, until the deficiencies are remedied, for the Lukoil Ciolpani station, informs the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC).

According to the cited source, following a notification, the Bucharest-Ilfov Region Regional Commissionerate for Consumer Protection (CRPCR) carried out a verification action at the fuel distribution station in Ciolpani, Ilfov county, belonging to the economic operator Lukoil, according to Agerpres.

“At the time of the control, both misleading commercial practices were found – irregularities related to the calibration of the fuel supply pumps, as well as related to the products on sale in stores. More precisely, at the time of the control, the economic operator was selling the ECTO 100 gasoline product. When lifting the gun from the feed pump without operating it, the pump display showed: Liters 0.04 respectively 0.05, Lei 0.30 respectively 0.37. When determining the amount of product with the 20 liter standard container, at between the two pumps, a difference of minus 0.05 and 0.07 liters was found,” states ANPC.

Also, products that were not stored under the conditions established by the manufacturer were identified for sale.

“I received the information related to the ‘theft’ at the pump a very short time ago. I considered that it is urgently required to verify and sanction it. Regardless of how little money is ‘made’ in this way and regardless of the financial size of the one who to do this is intolerable. Every time we have hoped that things will improve as a result of our actions, unfortunately I see that this is not happening to the level we want. We have enough ink in our pens to fight against any phenomenon of this kind,” said Paul Anghel, general director of ANPC.

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