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All players in the energy market must work together to prevent cyber attacks

27 September 2023

Public institutions, the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) and operators in the energy system must work together to prevent cyber-attacks that represent “a real danger”, said Radu Bădiță, director of the Monitoring and Inspections Department within ANRE, during the DigitALL 2023 conference, organized by Energynomics.

“In the area of ​​cyber security, we must have integrated thinking. Here we have to work together, both the public institutions, the authority, the operators in the system. Cyber-attacks are a real danger, somehow, we need to find an area where we can decide together how we protect ourselves against these attacks. A collaboration of everyone in the market must lead to a common plan to implement a cyber system that protects our critical infrastructure”, declared Radu Bădiță.

ANRE has adopted the methodology that recognizes the investments of operators in the energy sector in digitization. To be recognized by ANRE, these investments must be of maximum efficiency.

According to Bădiță, efficiency means cost reduction, better service quality, faster communication, interaction between operators and end customers.

Since 2018, ANRE has started a digitization process and today it has an integrated IT system that works “fairly well to very well”.

“Of course there are more human aspects in harmonizing computer systems with people. We are still struggling to become more open-minded in this area. This integrated system shows us every second where each document is in ANRE, who is responsible, if deadlines have been exceeded, etc.”, added the representative of the institution.

ANRE signed a financing contract of 23 million lei for the implementation of the energy supplier switching platform – POSF – and is nearing the end of the implementation period. At the same time, the ANRE teams started work on an energy market monitoring platform that will be operational next spring.

ANRE has started work on a new monitoring platform for the natural gas market that will aim to ease the institution’s relations with market operators and will be able to monitor all data on imports, production, supply, transport and gas trading.

The DigitALL 2023 conference was organized by Energynomics, in partnership with the CIO Council and with the support of our partners Eaton Electric, Huawei, NextGen, Schneider Electric, Siemens.

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