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Eugen Butoarcă: The Electrician’s Trophy remains a landmark, attesting to the evolution of the energy industry

25 April 2024

Distribution Oltenia continues the tradition of the most important competition in the energy field, the Electrician’s Trophy stage per company, alongside the contest dedicated to Apprentice Electrician students.

The Electrician’s Trophy is the most important professional competition in the energy field. With a tradition of over 40 years, the event brings together every year generations of professionals from all electricity distribution companies in Romania.

And this year, the Electrician’s Trophy represents a new opportunity where employees in the field can meet their colleagues from all over the country to measure their talent and experience.

“We are in a field of constant evolution and digitalization, which brings changes in the way each of us contributes to achieving the highest operational standard. The Electrician’s Trophy remains a landmark in time that attests to the evolution of the energy industry, but also a moment when we can celebrate the best of our fellow engineers and electricians. Also, the Electrician Apprentices were also involved in the competition, demonstrating the potential of the young talents in the field, who will participate for the second consecutive year at the Electrician Junior national stage. I congratulate all the participants”, says Eugen Butoarcă, executive director of Oltenia Distribution.

During April 22-23, 72 electricians and engineers from Distribuție Oltenia tested their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the 5 competition tests within the company stage: electrician Exploatare Stations; PRAM electrician; electrician Operation of MV and LV Distribution Networks; electrician Measurement and Verification Measurement Groups and dispatcher.

The 10th grade students from the Electrician Apprentice Program had to pass the theoretical and the practical test which included the creation of direct current circuits, calculations and electrical quantities.

The practical tests took place in the 110/20 kV DIF Craiova transformer station, one of the most modern Oltenia Distribution stations, in order to create the most authentic experience for Apprentices.

The subjects of the competition were created by the mentors of Oltenia Distribution, together with the coordinating teachers from each high school, depending on the school curriculum.

The first 3 places at the Electrician Apprentice Trophy were occupied by students of Astra Pitești Technical High School and Technological High School no. 1 Alexandria, who enjoyed the competition and the prizes. For the second consecutive year, the winning students will enter the national stage dedicated to young professionals in the field, within the Junior Electrician Trophy.

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