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AHK Romania: Investors’ confidence, affected by the political crisis

14 September 2021
General Interest

The current political developments in Romania have led to the loss of confidence of German companies in implementing the necessary and urgent reforms, says The German Chamber of Commerce, AHK Romania.

“In the context of current political events, AHK Romania wishes to inform all policy makers that current political developments have led to a loss of confidence in German companies in implementing necessary and urgent reforms. Reform capacity and therefore configuration of future economic policies In Romania, it largely depends on political decision-makers, who should not focus on the emergence of political crises, but on the continuous implementation of reforms. Romania needs a government capable of acting to meet the huge economic challenges, from the Green Deal to the digital transformation of the economy and to maintain the competitiveness of the investment site,” it is shown in the release.

AHK Romania members emphasize that, instead of new problems and uncertainties related to the future, Romanian companies need all the political and administrative attention and support.

“For example, the subsidies offered by the European Union must reach the economy, the administrations must become more professional and more digitalized and, thus, the living standard of the population must increase significantly,” they say.

AHK Romania is the official representation of the German economy and, at the same time, the largest bilateral Chamber of Commerce in Romania. Founded in 2002, AHK has over 550 member firms and provides companies with an important platform for networking, information exchange and experiences. Through the services it offers and the events it organizes, AHK Romania actively supports German companies when they enter the Romanian market and is, at the same time, a partner of Romanian companies interested in the German market.


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