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AFM supplements the Rabla Clasic and Rabla Plus budgets by 200 million lei each

2 August 2021
General Interest

The total budget of the Rabla Plus Program, for subsidizing the acquisition of green vehicles, will be supplemented by 200 million lei, while the Rabla Classic car Program will receive a similar increase, the Environment Fund Administration (AFM) announced on Monday.

“Starting with August 21, 2021, the total budget of the Rabla Plus Program will be supplemented with the amount of 200 million lei. Also, for the Classic Program, an increase of 200 million lei of the total budget will be available starting with the date of August 28, 2021,” the institution notes, according to Agerpres.

According to AFM, within the Classic Program, the value of the scrapping premium is 7,500 lei, and the value of eco-bonuses granted to stimulate the purchase of less polluting cars, depending on the technology used, are of 1,500 lei – for low-emission vehicles , respectively of 3,000 lei for the purchase of a new vehicle equipped with a hybrid propulsion system.

The eco-bonuses can be cumulated if the new car meets both conditions, thus reaching a cut of 12,000 lei from the total price of the new vehicle. For the purchase of new motorcycles in exchange for handing over a scrapped used vehicle, a scrapping premium of 5,500 lei is granted.

At the same time, the Rabla Plus Program grants two types of eco-labels: 45,000 lei for full electric cars and 20,000 lei for plug-in hybrid cars, but not exceeding more than 50% of the value of the new car.

At the same time, people who give up an old, polluting car and buy an electric vehicle benefit from both the scrapping premium granted by the Classic Scrap Program, worth 7,500 lei, and the eco-label allocated under the Scrap Plus Program.

Also, the amount of financing for electric motorcycles is 5,500 lei, and for people who want to buy an electric motorcycle and hand over a used car, the eco-label can be combined with the scrapping premium of 5,500 lei.

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