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Adrian Dumitriu, at the end of his term within Chimcomplex

19 May 2022
General Interest

The Board of Directors of Chimcomplex announces the end of the term of office of the economic director Adrian Dumitriu starting with May 2022.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank Mr. Adrian Dumitriu for the activity he carried out within Chimcomplex. We were road partners in a period marked by positive events in the company’s life, but also by many challenges. His involvement and efforts have been fully appreciated and will always be recognized.

“Chimcomplex is moving towards a new stage of development in the context of international macroeconomic evolution, and the integration of a new management team is a natural step, dictated by the market and the global context we are going through. We are fully grateful to Mr. Adrian Dumitriu for his contribution to what Chimcomplex represents today,” said Ștefan Vuza, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is actively involved in the process of planning the managerial succession. For the next period, Nicolae Stănciugel, Chimcomplex’s deputy economic director, will take over the position of interim until the appointment of a new CFO.

As deputy economic director, Nicolae Stănciugel played a major role in all the company’s strategic decisions, according to a statement.

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