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ACUE Federation welcomes the Gov’t initiative to have consultations with energy actors

19 January 2022

In the context of a significant rise in wholesale energy prices, ACUE federation member companies have said since last year that they support the state’s decision to help the population and industry by compensating and capping energy bills, says the ACUE federation.

The initiative to call on the players in the electricity and gas market for consultations is welcome, in order to discuss and agree on a correct mechanism with an immediate impact on consumer support.

“We believe that the solution proposed yesterday by the Government representatives is adequate and responds to the challenges imposed by the evolution of energy costs for the cold season. All we want is a clear, timely regulatory framework that allows for rapid and uniform implementation. We also demanded that the measures envisaged be fair for all actors involved in the energy market and not lead to the accumulation of additional costs for suppliers that finance the support scheme in advance,” says Dana Dărăban, ACUE Executive Director.

Electricity and gas supply companies (members of the ACUE Federation) apply the provisions of Law 259/2021 on compensation and capping and issue invoices that include the calculation of compensation and capping on a case-by-case basis, according to legal provisions.

All member companies in the ACUE Federation will comply with the measures ordered by the authorities for any undesirable situations that have occurred in the implementation of the capping and clearing mechanism.

“The laws and regulations applicable to our sector are vital to our business. We take responsibility for the situations that concern us. We regret any delays in the application of the cap and clearing mechanism in place, but we need a clear framework with a reasonable implementation time to avoid any errors that may occur due to material, technical reasons or due to the time required to adapt billing systems,” added Dana Dărăban.

Any delays in billing were anticipated and transparently announced by suppliers to both institutional dialogue partners and customers.

“We look forward to the draft GEO adjusting the support scheme so that we can analyze the details of implementation and welcome the decision of the authorities to work closely with industry for optimal implementation,” Federation officials said.



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