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30 days for the debate on the draft of the offshore wind bill

18 July 2023

The Ministry of Energy has published (in RO) the draft law on the necessary measures for the exploitation of offshore wind energy and for the modification and completion of some normative acts in the field of energy, which is in public consultation for 30 days.

The official release states that through the draft normative act, Romania ensures the legal framework for the development of investments in the field of offshore wind energy in the Black Sea. “Romania aims to fulfill the main objectives of the new energy and climate policy of the European Union, for the year 2030 and the perspective for the year 2050, objectives also assumed by Romania, with the aim of equitably managing the transition of the Romanian energy sector towards the production of clean energy.”

Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja believes that “the wind potential in the Black Sea is huge, which Romania has no right to miss”.

Romania’s offshore wind energy potential, as assessed based on World Bank (WB) estimates, has a theoretical capacity of 76GW, 22GW in the form of fixed turbines and 54GW in the form of floating turbines. From the point of view of the cost-benefit ratio, the first turbines that should be installed are the fixed ones, the statement of reasons states (in RO).

The law under public debate includes the introduction of a Contracts for Difference support scheme for the construction and operation of offshore wind power plants with an electricity production capacity of 3 GW until 2035.

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