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2025 – the new window of visibility for electricity prices

21 February 2021

Theodor Livinschi, founder partnerg-i

Usually, local electricity markets give us a maximum visibility of +2 years As a result, we would have expected now to have reference prices for 2023 at the latest. It is indeed quite short in comparison to mature markets, where there are even contracts for supply to final consumers for 10-year periods

However, surprisingly and happily – we hope that other transactions will occur – the visibility horizon has doubled: 2024 and 2025 have been traded.

Set at very close levels, adjusted instead by price formula, the two products, with 5 MW of steady hourly output, were traded at lei 270,25/MWh (2024) and lei 270,00/MWh (2025).

The band product liquidity the for 2023 – 1 year and 2 years earlier than the above-mentioned product periods – is so far defined by only 6 transactions, totaling 45 MW hourly power, with a weighted average price of lei 271,14 per MWh.


If they request, do industrial consumers receive an clear offer for electricity supply in 2024 or 2025?

If the answer is no, we only have a new unclear horizon, which until now could not even be seen – the market’s visibility must be underpinned by liquidity and depth.

Regardless the answer, we hope to have a first step toward a better visibility of electricity costs, concludes the partner-I founder in a posting on his blog.

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