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Volt works on three PV projects totaling 86 MW

23 September 2023

The Volt company has several large-scale photovoltaic projects underway, of which three units total an installed power of 86 MW, all financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

“Volt has several projects in various phases of implementation and seems to have a focus on large parks, but we do not omit those for self-consumption. We have in the ready-to-build stage three parks totaling 86 MWp, all financed by PNRR”, said Cristian Stan, Sales Manager in Constanța for Volt, during the event “Energy efficiency for energy transition” organized in Constanța by Energynomics together with the Romanian Fund for Efficiency Energy – FREE and the Directorate for Energy Efficiency within the Ministry of Energy.

The company has so far put into operation projects of over 10 MWp, including the largest photovoltaic system mounted on the roof in Romania, of 5.5 MW.

According to Stan, investments in photovoltaic systems “still” have a rapid amortization. For example, a solar system financed from the beneficiary’s own funds is amortized in less than five years, and in the case of attracting a bank loan, the amortization period is closer to seven years. The use of non-reimbursable funds lowers this interval below five years. However, the installation of these systems must be done correctly, in order not to cause malfunctions in operation or additional costs during the operation period of the installation.

“The most important thing is one thing that is not discussed, namely the operation and maintenance of these systems. If these operations are not done correctly, they can cause malfunctions and generate costs. We are talking about an asset with a lifespan of at least 25 years. In order to achieve energy efficiency, we must also ensure that these systems are themselves efficient, but for that, we, the installers, and the beneficiaries, must follow some mandatory steps”, Stan specified.

He recommended the beneficiaries to carefully analyze the companies they want to work with, not just “to look at a portfolio posted on a website”, but even to ask for recommendations from the beneficiaries who were satisfied with the works.


For their part, the companies that install such equipment should ensure from the first step that they make a correct analysis of the situation and that they size and design the photovoltaic system correctly, so as to cover as much as possible the need for specific consumption of the beneficiary.

The conference in Constanța was the third of a series of 5 scheduled by the Energynomics communication platform, the Romanian Fund for Energy Efficiency – FREE and the Directorate for Energy Efficiency within the Ministry of Energy. The project is financed by Norwegian Grants 2014-2021. The next conferences are scheduled in Iași, on October 19 and 20, and in Bucharest, on November 16 and 17.

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