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Energy efficiency for energy transition – Bucharest

16 Nov 2023 @ 10:00 - 17 Nov 2023 @ 13:00

On Thursday and Friday, 16-17 November, we invite you to Bucharest for the final conference of the “Energy Efficiency for Energy Transition” campaign that Energynomics is running together with the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund – FREE and the Directorate for Energy Efficiency of the Ministry of Energy. The project is funded by Norwegian Grants 2014-2021. We are thus continuing, for the 7th year, our efforts to raise awareness of issues relevant to digitalization and increasing energy efficiency in Romania, bringing together representatives of local authorities with experts and companies ready to contribute to the development of the cities of the future.

For in-person participation, CLICK HERE!

At the same time, we plan to organize training sessions in a small format (Workshop) on the 16th and 17th of November. We would like to have professionals from technical departments of municipalities, local and county councils, and public utility companies, as well as energy managers, energy auditors, suppliers of solutions and equipment for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy production, financial experts, consultants, and students. Access will be free, but places will be limited!



November 16

09:30 – 10:00 Registration

10:00 – 10:05 Introduction

10:05 – 10:20 Nicușor Dan, The Mayor of Bucharest(tbc)

10:20 – 11:30 SESSION 1: Working together to finance energy projects

Public-private collaboration for urban development * Opportunities, obstacles, solutions * Digitalisation for public administrations and companies * Service integration * Waste management * Circular economy

  • Adrian Ghiță, Executive Director, Romanian Fund for Energy Efficiency – FREE

11:30 – 11:45 Coffee break

11:45 – 12:00 Cristian Ilie, Director of the Energy Efficiency Directorate of the Ministry of Energy

12:00 – 13:20 SESSION 2: Sources of energy efficiency

Green energy generation * Urban and inter-urban mobility solutions * Electric mobility and infrastructure * District heating * Building renovation

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch and networking

15:00-16:00 Workshop Sources and schemes for financing energy efficiency projects

Trainer: Adrian Ghiță, Executive Director, Romanian Fund for Energy Efficiency – FREE

The course presents the main funding mechanisms available at the national level for projects proposing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. It will present the factors that influence project indicators and their relevance in increasing the chances of accessing several sources of funding in parallel, either separately or through the integration of a complex financing scheme.


November 17

09:00 – 09:30 Registration

09:30-11:00 Workshop Energy efficiency and energy transition for the local administration sector

Trainer: Dr. Corneliu Rotaru, senior expert in energy efficiency

The course presents the basic concepts and guidelines of national and European policy in the field of energy transition and aims to increase the capacity of local authorities for the necessary actions and use of technologies for increasing energy efficiency and for the energy management of localities. It will address topics such as databases and digitalization, new cooperation mechanisms between TAUs and energy communities to reduce the costs of investment preparation, and contracting of energy services, as well as new approaches to identify energy efficiency solutions (e.g. decentralized generation, smart metering, cost allocators).

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:00 Workshop Energy efficiency from opportunity to reality

Trainer: Dr. Andrei Ceclan, professor, senior energy consultant

The course aims to present case studies of opportunities and realized energy efficiency projects in industry and at the local level, focusing on key outcome indicators, including measured and verified impacts, financial and human resources committed, barriers and overcoming them, and lessons learned.


Access to the conference is open to all those interested, based on confirmation of participation sent by the organizers.


  • Smart cities: energy management, street lighting
  • Energy efficiency in industry: monitoring, automation, control
  • Cutting-edge technological solutions
  • Smart buildings
  • Prosuming – for citizens, companies and institutions
  • Increasing efficiency through cogeneration and district heating
  • Public funding for energy efficiency and security
  • Energy services: Legal provisions and solutions to stimulate the energy services market, energy balancing and flexibility
  • Consumer information and education – vital issues in promoting energy efficiency
  • Obligations, audits and monitoring: options and challenges in implementation
  • National Energy Efficiency Action Plans
  • Electric mobility and other local initiatives
  • Energy recovery from waste


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Cristian Ilie
Director of the Energy Efficiency Directorate of the Ministry of Energy

Adrian Ghiță
Executive Director, Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund - FREE

Dr. Andrei Ceclan
professor, senior energy consultant

Dr. Corneliu Rotaru
professor, senior energy consultant


Gabriel Avăcăriței chief editor Energynomics


Denisa Nicola 4 021 230 20 22 [email protected]