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The Parliament is looking for a legislative solution to expedite the approval of energy projects

13 March 2023

The Committee for Industry and Services in the Chamber of Deputies is working on a legislative project to reduce the time needed for the authorization and approval of projects in the energy field by introducing the one-stop shop concept. Such a tool is necessary as there are many challenges in the development of renewable energy projects.

“In the Commission, we are working on a project to reduce the time it takes to obtain authorizations. We want to introduce a one-stop shop concept. I hope that the project will have the support of all political parties. We are looking for a state institution that can do the authorizations and licensing operations. It would be ideal for the investor to submit the documents in one place, and then that institution would take care of each stage of project authorization”, said Cristina Prună, MP and vice president of the Commission for Industry and Services in the Chamber of Deputies, at the conference “More renewables for Romania”, organized by Energynomics.

For example, one of the uncertainties of investors is related to those investments in photovoltaic plants that need more than 50 hectares.

According to Prună, such an institution could be ANRE. She consider it inappropriate to establish a new institution, because “there are enough of them in the state apparatus”. The MP appreciates that more stability and predictability of legislation is needed, and excessive changes to a law are inappropriate. “What happened last year, when the Energy law was amended seven times, must not be repeated because it is not right. We all want a thriving economy and fair energy bills. That is why I believe that the state must be a partner for investors. Any new project appearing in the system contributes to increasing energy security,” she added.

The parliament is also working on legislation to target energy storage capabilities by providing incentives.

“The relationship between the state and investors must be based on trust, not just on promises. We talk a lot about potential, but to achieve it we need to take concrete steps. Maybe we should stop talking so much about the potential, but look to see what we can actually do in the coming years. Digitalization and efficiency must also be brought to the state level because often the private sector is seven steps ahead”, Prună also said.

The conference “More renewables for Romania” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners among which ABB, ACE Industrial Software, BCR, Consolight, Eaton Electric, Elektra Renewable Support, EnergoPower, European Energy, Finder, Geminox, Huawei, ING Bank, LAPP Romania, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Phoenix Contact, Photomate, Prime Batteries Technology, REI Grup, Renomia-Gallagher, Valmont, Volt, Wiren România, Wise Finance Solutions.

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