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The big cities in Romania have started to invest in public video surveillance systems

25 October 2022

City halls in large cities in Romania, such as Bucharest, Iași, Piatra Neamț or Timișoara, have started investing in smart public video surveillance and traffic monitoring systems. For the German company Bosch, the largest ongoing project of this kind, worth 10 million euros, is with the mayor’s office of sector 6 in the Capital.

“The biggest project of the last 2-3 years is currently in sector 6 of the Capital. It is a 10 million euro project through which we secure schools, parks, playgrounds, and in addition the people from the town hall also wanted to have their own system for counting the cars passing through sector 6. Through this project we delivered 2,600 cameras worth considering”, declared Tiberiu Nicolae, Cluster Sales Manager Eastern Europe, Bosch Video Surveillance Division.

Another city that invests heavily in such video systems is Iași, which, after focusing on traffic monitoring in 2020, now focuses on securing especially playgrounds and squares. However, the municipalities have a long way to go to unify these services, given that there is still no single city-wide structure responsible for this video monitoring.

“I travel a lot in Western Europe, but Bucharest is one of the cities with the most cameras mounted on poles, you can see 3-4 cameras on a pole and each one belongs to a different institution. That’s good, but it’s also strange, because there is no unification at the municipal level,” Nicolae added, during the “Sustainable Communities – Timișoara” conference, organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity.

The Bosch Group has been present in Romania for 28 years and has around 8,800 employees in six entities. In 2021, Bosch generated consolidated sales of 494 million euros on the Romanian market. Total net sales, including sales of non-consolidated companies and internal deliveries to affiliated companies, reached 1.7 billion euros.


With two factories, a research and development center and sales offices, all four business sectors of the group are represented in Romania, namely mobility solutions, consumer goods, construction and energy technology and industrial technology.

The conference was organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity with the support of partners ABB, Bosch, EximBank, Geminox, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, LAPP Romania, Novotrol, Phoenix Contact, REI Group, UP Romania, Wiren.


Throughout the event, Novotrol representatives answered participants’ questions. Novotrol is Baker Hughes Group’s channel partner for the Turbomachinery and Process Solutions (T.P.S.) and Flow & Process Technologies (F.&P.T.) divisions for Romania. “Our story started in 1996 with F.&P.T. Masoneilan Control Valves and Consolidated Safety Valves division. 27 years later we are still with F&P.T. but also with the Nuovo Pignone division from T.P.S. and with Thermodyn, thus offering more complete and complex solutions such as gas turbines and compressors”, told us Andrei Paraschiv, Sale Engineer Novotrol.

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