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ABB wants to collaborate with the University of Timisoara in robotics and AI

25 October 2022

The ABB Group has collaborations with over 100 universities globally, including the University of Bucharest, but it also wants to start a collaboration with the University of Timisoara in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

“ABB collaborates with over 100 universities globally, including the one in Bucharest, and we want to start a collaboration in the area of ​​robotics and artificial intelligence with the university of Timisoara”, said Nicușor Stan, Business Development Manager Traction Motion Business for the Balkans area, during the “Sustainable Communities – Timișoara” conference, organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity.

The group has 800 engineers in the research area, and operates a network of seven research laboratories and 45 research/development centers.

ABB’s annual investments exceed $1.3 billion. At the same time, ABB invests in more than 15 start-ups every year.

Stan added that Timisoara is the only city in Romania that opted for LTO batteries produced by ABB for urban electric transport. These batteries have a service life of 15 years or over 20,000 charge/discharge cycles. The ABB Group produces over 10,000 such solutions per year and the demand is extremely high, especially in the sustainable urban transport sector.


ABB has an LTO battery plant in Switzerland, with annual production increased from 25 MWh in 2019 to 50 MWh in 2022. In 2023, the plant’s capacity is to be increased to 75 MWh.

The conference was organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity with the support of partners ABB, Bosch, EximBank, Geminox, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, LAPP Romania, Novotrol, Phoenix Contact, REI Group, UP Romania, Wiren.


Throughout the event, Novotrol representatives answered participants’ questions. Novotrol is Baker Hughes Group’s channel partner for the Turbomachinery and Process Solutions (T.P.S.) and Flow & Process Technologies (F.&P.T.) divisions for Romania. “Our story started in 1996 with F.&P.T. Masoneilan Control Valves and Consolidated Safety Valves division. 27 years later we are still with F&P.T. but also with the Nuovo Pignone division from T.P.S. and with Thermodyn, thus offering more complete and complex solutions such as gas turbines and compressors”, told us Andrei Paraschiv, Sale Engineer Novotrol.

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