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TESLA 50Hz will build and operate 40MW of rooftop solar projects for Element Romania

19 January 2023

TESLA 50Hz (T50Hz), part of the TESLA Group in Romania, has signed a cooperation agreement with Element Industrial (ELI), a leader in the development of industrial properties, to design and build solar installations on the roofs of all ELI buildings in Romania in the next 3 -5 years. The first phase of the project will cover 250,000 m2 of industrial parks with a total installation of 40 MW of industrial-scale photovoltaic (PV) panels using SolarEdge inverter technology (equivalent to 2 – 4MW per site).

With each PV installation providing independent on-site energy production for ELI’s industrial parks, the company will benefit from greater grid independence and better power quality, while significantly reducing the price electricity for the tenants of ELI parks – especially important considering the current energy crisis in Europe. Also, switching to solar power will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of ELI’s operations.

“This partnership reflects our strategy to develop a sustainable portfolio that will allow our tenants to cover at least 30% of their consumption from green energy,” says Andrei Jerca, general manager of Element Industrial.

“It is also an important commitment from us to green and sustainable logistics that will generate long-term value for both our investors and occupiers. Our strategy is built on focusing on our customers’ needs in what about business predictability, lower occupancy costs, supporting their growth strategy and developing true business communities within industrial parks. Our partnership with TESLA 50Hz is a natural one as both companies share the same business principles and approaches,” he adds.

T50Hz will be responsible for the design and installation process, while also managing the electricity supply of each PV plant. The installations will be supported by T50Hz’s sister company, TESLA Blue Planet. This collaboration brings together the engineering teams of the two companies to optimize building construction for easy installation of rooftop PV installations. Crucially, this reduces the cost and construction time of solar installations, while ensuring greater system safety and operational efficiency.

To support this, all installations will be equipped with the innovative SolarEdge technology optimized for direct current. SolarEdge’s Power Optimizers connect to each pair of solar modules, turning them into smart modules. By constantly tracking each module’s peak power point, Power Optimizers increase system power output and shorten system ROI, while ensuring the lowest possible operating and maintenance (O&M) costs over the life of the system. As safety was also an important consideration for SLI, SolarEdge technology was also selected for its advanced safety features to ensure the highest level of safety for both people and property.

“We have been present in the renewable energy sector in Romania since 2010 and currently have 900 MWp of photovoltaic parks both on the ground and on roofs, either in operation or under development. Our commitment to work with suppliers contributes to this growth innovative technologies such as SolarEdge to offer high-quality, turnkey photovoltaic projects that provide maximum value to customers throughout the lifetime of their installations,” says Dušan Lichardus, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the TESLA Group.

“For example, for developers of industrial properties such as ELI, maximizing energy generation to ensure optimal savings for tenants is a non-negotiable, and therefore access to SolarEdge’s innovative technology is essential. By combining its capabilities with the system energy management system TESLA AMOS (Advanced Microgrid Optimization System), we are able to provide operational control at the individual panel level, which brings asset owners higher production, lower operating costs, longer technology life and the highest industrial safety standards.”

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