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Tanczos Barna: PV Casa Verde subsidy Program will be launched by region

29 March 2023

The Minister of the Environment, Tanczos Barna, announced that the interest in the Casa Verde Photovoltaic program is particularly high and to avoid loading the computer platform it will be launched at regions’ level, in order to reduce the number of submissions on the same day, according to

“Interest has grown enormously following this energy crisis that hit all of Europe. From an annex program, the Casa Verde Photovoltaic program has become a very, very sought-after program, which is why we significantly increased the budget compared to last year. Last year we financed over 40,000 financing contracts, many of them already installed and paid. Speaking of lessons learned. This year, for the first time, the beneficiary receives the notification regarding the acceptance into the program and after that goes and chooses the installer. Last year, two years ago, the order was reversed and the installers decided who they wanted to work with or who they didn’t want to work with, or who they put first on the list when they upload the projects to the system, and who they put last… It was not a correct system, but that’s how we found it and we had to finish it because it was partially funded by European funds,” said the Minister of the Environment.

He explained the changes compared to the previous program.

“In the year 2023, after receiving the notifications of acceptance into the program by the beneficiaries, by the natural person, the natural person goes and looks for a installer from the list of authorized installers on the AFM website. This is a first amendment. The tripled budget is again a step forward. We will implement the rule that the beneficiary of this program must also have a land deed extract in the name of the beneficiary and the address of the beneficiary in order to eliminate those attempts to use the system to install photovoltaic panels on vacation homes and other less important locations. So we focus on the houses where he has his domicile, where owner officially appears with an address and everything,” explained Tanczos Barna.

He also announced that fewer documents will be required to enroll into the program.

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