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Spring Cocktail 2014 – Cultivate different views on Romania’s energy market

11 February 2014
Don't miss!

[one_half]Spring Cocktail is the best opportunity for the expats in the energy industry to calibrate their expectations and perspectives with the Romanians who worked abroad. In this event we will embark on a journey to discover what is common and what surprises the newcomers once they arrive in Romania.

From here, we will travel to discover and to explore what similar experiences and what is totally unique to the Romanian energy industry. Practically, 100 energy business liders and public official will meet in what is the top executives’ reunion for the Romanian energy market, each and every one of them bringing their forecast abilities to give sneak peeks at will happen in the next 12 months.

The organizers were driven to create Spring Cocktail by the fact that the energy industry has always been a cosmopolitan area where engineers and technicians from Romania used to work alongside with specialists and investors from all around the world. Even today, just as it was from the very beginning, the Romanian energy industry’s dynamics is given by foreigners and Romanians who proved themselves valuable worldwide.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Expats and locals, they all speak the same language – their professions, and they all feel at home in a culture indifferent to geography. Networking and exchange of ideas will be catalyzed by a spectacular speaker, a daring fortune-teller to spot the changing streams among steady waters.

The key speaker will advocate the predictions with numbers, photos, good judgment or pure eloquence so that a broad image of the energy sector in Romania will be pictured in a manner both entertaining and easy to grasp. The guests will jump on the bandwagon or, even more interestingly, will become underdogs, because, isn’t this true, everyone loves on underdog. And the fresh cocktails tested during the event will make the reunion even more pleasant.

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