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Schneider Electric modernizes the electrical panels of the Military Hospital in Brașov

18 November 2021

Schneider Electric provided the panels for the modernization of the electrical infrastructure of pavilion A – Surgery and ATI – within the Regina Maria Military Emergency Hospital in Brașov.

“We wanted to carry out rehabilitation and modernization works at this pavilion, especially in the context in which it accommodates the Surgery and ATI department, therefore, it was necessary to bring the operating room and intensive care units to the current norms of construction and safety of patients,” says col. Doru Telembeci, Administrative Director of the Hospital.

The pavilion operated with over 30-year-old electrical panels, which needed modernization to safely serve all medical equipment installed in the meantime. The entire duration of the modernization project, from the conceptual note to the final reception was of about 3 years.

“We are aware that the electrical infrastructure of a hospital is essential for the proper conduct of the medical act,” says Adrian Georgescu – Adca Proiect, who developed the electrical installation project.

Schneider Electric’s Smart Prisma Med electrical panels combine the advantages of the medical IT system with the proven high reliability and operational safety of electrical circuit breakers in a single solution from a single supplier.

The major benefits of implementing these solutions are to increase the safety of patients and medical staff by reducing the risk of electric shocks, increasing the availability for the installation of new equipment and optimizing maintenance costs during the operation of the hospital.

“Our goal is to support hospital administrations and relevant government institutions in the much-needed process of modernizing the electrical infrastructure of buildings, so that modern medical equipment can be installed and operated safely, and thus contribute to the construction of safe hospitals, resilient and efficient,” says Lucian Enaru, General Manager of Schneider Electric Romania.

So far, approximately 300 panels with Smart Prisma Med solutions from Schneider Electric protect the electrical installations of the operating and intensive care rooms in over 25 public and private hospitals in Romania.

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