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Save energy! Why?

28 November 2022

The latest studies confirm that more and more people are concerned with finding new ways to save energy. The phrase “Electricity prices” was at the top of searches on Google this year. Their number has increased by 70% in recent months. So are ways to save for a more stable future [Source 1]. Other studies also show that more than 95% of consumers are concerned about rising energy prices, and nearly a quarter of them plan to reduce their average indoor temperature. 48% clearly state that they will reduce their electricity consumption. And one in six Romanians wants to invest in temperature control equipment, if this measure brings long-term benefits. Furthermore, more and more consumers would like to receive advice on how to reduce their energy costs from their own supplier [Source 2]. The same trend is noticeable when it comes to switching energy sources, where almost half (46%) of Romanians are considering purchasing photovoltaic panel systems next year [Source 1].

Classic energy resources (oil, coal, and natural gas) are finite and polluting. They must be gradually replaced by clean resources (water, sun, wind, biomass), but which cannot constantly ensure the supply of customers. Economically feasible options for energy storage in batteries are needed. Until then, gas, coal and water from reservoirs provide energy when we don’t have sun and wind.

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Thus, in the context of the energy crisis, when the price of natural gas has reached record levels, and consequently, so has that of electricity since an important part of the production units use gas as a raw material, energy savings are essential and have become a resource itself. And the first response to high prices is to reduce demand. But the volatility of energy prices is also reconfiguring the behavior of consumers, who now have a new approach to how they consume energy in their homes. Voluntary behavioral changes are noted that could reduce some of the energy demand at a time when every little gesture counts.

Electrical energy is an essential part of everyday life and is continuously generated, transmitted, and ultimately consumed. The production and storage (research and technologies are rapidly evolving amid the crisis) of electricity must at all times correspond to the dynamic consumption of the residential and industrial sectors. To maintain the balance between generated and consumed electricity, energy providers must estimate the amount needed by all consumption sectors over a wide range of timescales, from seconds to days.

Europe has undertaken a very ambitious plan to transition to a carbon-free economy. In this period of the unprecedented energy crisis, the EU and its member states have not abandoned their climate goals. The energy we don’t use or save has proven to be the most important resource we have at our disposal – we optimize utility bills and contribute to the energy transition.

We can save energy through simple changes in behavior or habits, or by investing in more energy-efficient products and appliances that reduce both our energy bills and our environmental footprint. A simple exercise, carried out month by month, such as reading and submitting the index, helps to assess costs, plan them, guide saving options and at the same time reduce energy waste.


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