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RWEA organizes a summer school for journalists

22 August 2023

RWEA SUMMER SCHOOL will once again open its doors this summer on 24, 25.08 for the journalists in the field of economics and will offer them an interesting and informative educational experience about renewable energy. The participants will acquire in-depth knowledge about renewable energy sources, climate targets, legislation, financing, integration into the grid, and human resources. The special edition with the Press will take place at RenewAcad in Constanta, in partnership with RPIA-Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association.

The courses and presentations delivered by industry experts will provide up-to-date and relevant information about the renewable energy industry. Journalists will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions to the lecturers, allowing them to gain a broader perspective on the subject. The RWEA Summer School represents a unique opportunity for media representatives to attend courses by recognized specialists in the energy field.

The topics proposed by the lecturers for the summer school courses with the Press are:

  • Approaching the European Union in the process of achieving climate neutrality – the 2030 stage, the 2050 objective.
  • The legislative framework for renewable energy in Romania in the context of climate targets.
  • Converging legislative changes for the development of renewable energy projects.
  • Integration of RES producers in the Romanian electricity market.
  • Workforce and transitions towards green energies.
  • European funds and financing of renewable energy projects.


The exclusive information and knowledge gained by the participating journalists at the RWEA Summer School, along with their graduation certificates, will contribute to strengthening their position in the energy journalism industry. Also, this initiative highlights the importance of collaboration between the business, academic, and journalistic sectors in promoting accurate and quality information in the field of energy.

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