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George Agafiței, director of PPC Romania, is the new president of RWEA

5 December 2023

The Board of Directors of the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) elected George Agafiței, Director of Institutional Affairs and Sustainability of the PPC Romania Group, as President of the Association. Agafiței takes over from Carlo Pignoloni, who has led the Association for the past three years.

George Agafiței started his career in the private sector, and in the last 11 years he has been active in the public sector within the Government of Romania, where he was, starting in 2016, Personal Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy, Advisor to the Minister of National Defense, as well as and State Counselor for the economic and energy sector within the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, coordinating the interministerial energy committee between December 2021 and July 2023.

Under the coordination of George Agafiței, RWEA will continue to promote renewable energy and the Energy Transition in Romania, capitalizing on the international experience of the Association’s members.

“It is a celebratory context and a special moment for the association, so I want to congratulate all those who helped the uninterrupted and dynamic course of the association. It is an honor to assume the position of president in RWEA and I hope that this landmark moment will mark the association’s entry into a new stage, in which stability, sustainable development and the smooth functioning of the market will prevail.

”RWEA has many reasons to celebrate: the 15th anniversary, a number of over members, good representativeness in the industry landscape and continued involvement in defining strategic policies for the development of renewable energy”, said George Agafiței.

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