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RWEA and PATRES: At present, we operate normally and support the energy system

26 March 2020

Bogdan Tudorache

In a period when the pandemic generated by COVID-19 raises questions about the functioning of the whole society, RWEA – Romanian Association for Wind Energy and PATRES – the Employers’ Organization of Renewable Sources from Romania, representing the entire renewable industry in Romania, with a total installed power of over 5,000 MW, transmits the fact that, at present, it operates normally and supports the energy system.

“Renewable energy, cheap and clean, helps reduce the pressure on society during this period. In the last days the availability of the resource has allowed the energy from renewable sources to ensure a large part of the energy mix at national level, with visible effects on the low level of the electricity price and the low level of recorded pollution, and the forecast regarding the availability of wind and solar resources for the next period gives us confidence that this will continue,” a joint statement shows.

Even under these exceptional conditions, the technicians and specialists of the renewable industry are on site and carry out their activity, respecting all the prevention and safety norms imposed by the authorities, in order to continue to ensure the optimal parameters of the production capacities.

“We also appreciate the mobilization of the authorities in facilitating communication and the urgent elimination of bureaucratic barriers, considering that the good examples of functioning demonstrated during this period, are the clear proof that digitalization is no longer optional, but a priority of the whole economy and society. Even outside the crisis, the time and financial resources saved by eliminating bureaucratic barriers can be used to solve other national strategic challenges.”

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