ROMGAZ enrolled in the second stage each employee that voluntarily opted for vaccination


ROMGAZ announced that it registered in the second stage each employee that voluntarily opted for vaccination, in compliance with the informed consent, of the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data and without repercussions in case of a refusal.

“ROMGAZ has assumed the responsible role, as a result of the voluntary option of each employee to be vaccinated, to enter the identification data in the official platform dedicated to the vaccination program”, company officials claim.

The vaccination strategy against COVID-19 in Romania aims to ensure citizens’ access to vaccination against COVID-19 in conditions of safety, efficacy and equity to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and limit the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

ROMGAZ employees belong, according to GD no. 1031/2020, to the category of personnel from the vital economic sector, being eligible for enrollment in the second stage of vaccination against COVID-19, ROMGAZ being one of the largest producers and main supplier of natural gas in Romania, but also an energy producer.

ROMGAZ intends to respect the right to health care and ensure fairness in the allocation and distribution of vaccines, so it has repeatedly transmitted through internal communication channels, official information and recommendations of national authorities information regarding the impact of COVID-19 virus on the population and the national vaccination program to combat it.


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