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Romania needs to be smart about how it spends its money on green energy

17 April 2024
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Romania and the European Union must decide carefully where and how to allocate available funds for green energy and the green transition, according to Ioannis Kalapodas, Head of the Romanian Office of European Energy.

„Romania and European Union have to think outside the box and have to adjust were all the money are going to be used. Regarding Romania, the potential is here but I don’t think it is ready yet. We don’t have the idea where we want to go and how fast we want to go. Setting targets for 2035 and 2050 is easy but it is not enough for the market because the market is the driver. We need a plan”, Kalapodas stated, at the conference “Hydrogen Project – what is Romania up to”, organised by Energynomics.

European Energy has a 2 GW pipeline of green projects in Romania. The company’s strategy is built on four pillars, namely solar power, onshore and offshore wind, and downstream technologies. European Energy is developing in Romania several projects of green energy of around 2 GW, out of which 1.521 MW are solar and 525 MW are wind. The Company has already obtained the grid connection approval for a capacity of 558 MW, out of which 125 MW are wind projects and 433 MW of solar.

The company is mainly active in OECD countries but is also present in Brazil, the US and Australia. During 2023, European Energy continued its efforts to grow its project development activities, including green-field development, partnering and acquisitions of ready-to-build assets.


„It is not only about conserving the environment; it is a more financial and more sustainable issue, and energy is one of the major determinants for growth and improving the standard of living”, he concluded.

The conference “Hydrogen Project – what is Romania up to” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners Elektra Renewable Support and Horváth.

On this occasion, the Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House presented the book “Discussions the Hydrogen Energy Vector”, authored by Ioan Iordache, Dumitru Chisăliță, Hans Marius Shuster, Cristian Călin, and Oana Dumitrean, as part of the collection “Academica energie.”

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