Restart Energy One bonds entered trading at BVB


The first bond issue of the electricity and natural gas supplier Restart Energy One started trading on Wednesday on the Multilateral Trading System (SMT) of the Bucharest exchange (BVB).

According to a release of the Stock Exchange, REO26 bonds are the first convertibles into shares admitted to trading on the BVB’s SMT platform.

The bond issue has a total value of 16.36 million lei, includes 163,612 bonds, with a nominal value of 100 lei/bond, with a maturity of 5 years, starting with February 9, 2021, and an annual coupon rate of 9% payable semi-annually, according to Agerpres.

The bonds are convertible starting with 2024 and can be repurchased in advance starting with the third year of the bond loan.

Restart Energy One is the second largest independent supplier of electricity to household consumers by number of places of consumption. The company held a private placement in February this year with the support of Goldring, the authorized consultant which also assisted the admission to trading of the bonds on the BVB’s SMT platform.

The funds attracted through the bond issue will be used as co-financing for the integration of renewable energy production capacities of approximately 50 MWp. The bond issue is also part of an indirect strategic objective, the supply of 100% renewable energy.


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