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Ministry of Environment has launched the car subsidy program, with a growing budget

21 April 2021
General Interest

Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests organized on Wednesday the launch event for the classic-engined and green car subsidy programs – Rabla Clasic 2021 and Rabla Plus 2021, according to a release.

Thus, this year’s edition of the “Classic Scrap” (Rabla Clasic) program will have a total budget of 440 million lei, 35 million lei higher than in 2020, which will allow the purchase of over 55,000 new vehicles, less polluting.

For 2021, within this program, both the scrapping premium will be increased – from 6,500 lei to 7,500 lei, and the eco-bonus for hybrid technology – from 2,500 lei to 3,000 lei, as well as the GNC/LPG/ eco-bonus emissions below 96 grams CO2/km – from 1,000 lei to 1,500 lei.

The maximum amount that can be settled from the costs of a new car through “Rabla Clasic” can reach approximately 2,250 euro, provided that the eco-bonuses can be combined with each other and added to the scrapping premium.

Also this year, there will be a new edition of the “Rabla Plus” program for green cars, with the largest budget since its launch, respectively 400 million lei, double compared to the previous year. In this context, in 2021 the highest premium in Europe for electric cars will remain unchanged, respectively 10,000 euro for a “full electric” unit and about 4,500 euro for plug-in hybrid cars, but not more than 50% of the value of the new vehicle.

Based on the budget allocated this year, up to 6,600 100% electric cars and about 5,000 plug-in hybrid cars will be purchased through “Rabla Plus” program.

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